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Fields of View
Distorted Metal, 2009
Burnt Studio Metal, 2009
Mower Metal Burnt Boxes, 2009
Distorted Metal, 2009
Burnt Studio Metal, 2009
Mower Metal Burnt Boxes, 2009
All Prints: digital print on aluminium board 120cm x 120 cm

Werner Theinert creates digital prints of optical illusions. For the Fields of View Exhibition Werner focused on the devastation of his home. Werner stood shoulder to shoulder with his wife Ursula as they fought the fires on Black Saturday. Werner’s digital prints are based on the distorted metal from his damaged workshop, studio and garage. The  multiple cubes refer to the many homes that suffered the same fate, the ‘containers’  of people’s lives and possessions, also the interconnections between us all.


Born in 1954. Werner is heavily influenced by the writings of the following writers - Richard Heinberg, Al Gore and Elizabeth Kolbert. Werner’s work focuses on the grave issues we face surrounding global warming, water shortages, food production shortages, world over population, diversification of crops and finally the crisis of Peak Oil. Werner is on an interconnected artistic journey with his wife Ursula. Their journey involves exploring the current Global Environmental issues using the medium of photography to provide a narrative of the crisis at hand.  Werner fears that Richard Heinbergs predictions may be realized.


Recent Group Exhibitions:

2009    Red Gallery, Fitzroy
2009    Art Melbourne
2008    Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong
2008    ACCP Kodak Salon, Fitzroy
2008    The Vault Gallery, Trafalgar
2008    Arc Gallery, Yinnar
2007    Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell
2007    Cardinia Cultural Centre,  Pakenham